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Under 30

Are you 29 or younger – with a passion for performance theatre, concerts and dance, and a desire to know more and see more?

Our ‘Under 30’ programme provides people aged 19–29, regardless of their student status, with the opportunity to experience art by offering exclusive access to shows, special events and promotions.

Our ‘Under 30’ programme is the way to capitalize on both your youth, and our inspiring programming. ‘Under 30’ free membership offers discounted tickets to select productions to special events. Submit your details below.

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*When purchasing your Under 30 Rush Club tickets for the first time, please create a new account and password. Tickets are limited to availability, and a valid ID must be shown at the door.

This program is only valid for those between ages 19-29. If you are 30 or older and you purchase a ticket using this program, your ticket will be refunded at the window and you will be asked to purchase a ticket at the full price, even if you received the Under 30 email.