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Staff & Board

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TO Live Staff & Board



President & CEO, Clyde Wagner

Director of the Office of the CEO and Board Relations, Isabel Menanno



Consulting VP, STLC Redevelopment, Leslie Lester



Director of Producing, Lani Milstein

Programming Coordinator, Caitlyn Clarke

Programming Coordinator, Ariana Shaw

Events Manager, Carlie McCormick

Events Manager, Kassie Hudson

Events Manager, Roddy Fraser-Davidson



Director of Programming, Madeleine Skoggard

Bookings Manager, Elsa Nealon

Education & Engagement Manager, Rachel Robbins

Programming Coordinator, Education & Engagement, Jennifer Collins

Programming Assistant, Education & Engagement, Danny Shelton

Sales Manager, Scott North

Bookings Coordinator, Courtney Voyce

Social Media Specialist, William Cook



Director of Production, Kristopher Dell

Senior Production Manager, Zoe Carpenter

Senior Production Manager, Anthony (TJ) Shamata

Production Manager, Alicia Ho

Production Manager, Paul McKenna

Production Manager, Alexander Harmer

Production Manager, Lee Widerick

Production Manager, Chris Carlton

Production Manager, Jasmine Knox

Technical Services Manager, Bruce Bennett



IATSE Local 58


Head Carpenter, Rupert de Gruchy

Head Electrician, Richard Karwat

Property Master, Michael Guy

Head Sound Operator, Ross Tuskey

Flyman, Ken Clausen

Assistant Carpenter, Steve McLean

Assistant Electrician, Jason Urbanowicz

Assistant Sound Operator, Zsolt Kota

Assistant Electrician - AV, Chris Nadon



Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Mary Ann Farrell

Director of Marketing, Michael Pietrocarlo

Interactive Marketing Manager, Stephanie Peters

Interactive Marketing Manager, Roxana Rusowsky (on leave)

Media Relations Officer, Grant Ramsay

Graphic Designer & Multimedia Specialist, Amanda Fleming

Digital Content Producer & Digital Assets Manager, Phoebe Sequino



Director of Ticketing Services, Tom Kerr

Box Office Manager, Fran Holywell

Box Office Duty Manager, Irene Biddle

Box Office Assistant Manager, Sandie Chui



VP, Development, Sandra Bellisario

Development Coordinator, Celeste Tikal



Director of Human Resources, Christine Kelsey

Human Resources Assistant, Melissa Creighton



Vice President of Finance & Administration, William Milne

Director of Finance, Thomas Grady

Director of Finance, Hayde Boccia

Controller, Michael Johnson

Client Settlement Services Manager, John Kiggins

Box Office & Settlements Accounting Assistant, Noah Sherman

Senior Accountant, Sabrina Li

Senior Payroll Manager, Alice Lin

Payroll Specialist, Tejender Singh

Accounting Assistant, Nelum Dissanayake

Accounting Assistant, Fiona Liu

Accounting Assistant, Gladys Torres

Accounting Assistant, Pamela Bassan

Mailroom Clerk, Charles Mayne



Director of IT, David McCracken

IT Support Technician, Michael Cadiz

Application Support Analyst & IT Support Coordinator, Faizan Jamal

Records & Archives Coordinator, Hailey Graham



Merchandise Manager, Claudette Pitre



Vice President of Operations, Matthew Farrell

Director of Facilities, Jun Concha

Director of Capital Projects, Priya Malik

Project Manager, Capital Projects, Luke Belfontaine

Project Manager, Technical Theatrical Systems, Scott Miller

Project Manager, Amy Ghalambor



Director of Patron Services, Sean Tasson

Senior Patron Services Manager, Samantha Berger

Patron Services Manager, Derek Genova

Patron Services Manager, Lynn Frenette

Patron Services Manager, Margaret Goodwin

Patron Services Duty Manager, Lynn Reeve

Patron Services Duty Manager, Bruna Pisani

Patron Services Duty Manager, Kelsey McGuigan

Patron Services Duty Manager, Adam Walker

Patron Services Duty Manager, Alex Allan

Patron Services Duty Manager, Alistair Newton

Patron Services Coordinator, Karen Hynes



General Manager, Food & Beverage, Ivan Tonevski

Executive Chef, Bruce Berga



Chief Operator, Rocco Lippa

Senior Electrical Operator, Clemente Dalogo

Operator, Evan Ramdin

Operator, Ken Salazar

Junior Building Operator, Jarryd Fish

Stage Door Security Supervisor, Omar Nurse

Stage Door Security, Ryan Nerona

Stage Door Security, Scott Spence

Heavy Duty Cleaner, Ian Romero

Maintenance Supervisor, Mohamed Zuhair

Maintenance, Roger Alves

Maintenance, Robert Bischoff

Maintenance, Sergio De Assis

Maintenance, Catherine Patrick

Maintenance, Jose Rauda

Maintenance, Rosalina Silva

Maintenance, Rosa Victoria




Robert Foster, Chair

Paul Bernards

Kevin Garland

Steven Levitan

Cynthia Lickers-Sage

Gabriel Michaan

Kathleen Sharpe

Charles C. Smith

Gillian Smith

Kerry Swanson

Councillor Gary Crawford, Vice Chair

Councillor John Filion

Councillor Paula Fletcher